Signs that the Tires Should be Replaced


When you need to have a part maintained or inspected, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible. While some details on car maintenance are pretty obvious, others may not be. When the air conditioner does not blow cold air you take it in to get fixed. When the odometer reaches the mile marker that states you need a new oil change, then you drive in and have the oil changed. The same goes for when any of the lights on the dash of your car come on. A light might indicate a problem, so you head on in to your repair shop and check it out. But do you know when the time comes to replace the tires? There are actually several factors that can contribute to tire wear and mean a tire or the entire set of tires needs replacing. Make sure to know what to look for with the tires, or bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.

Notice how the Vehicle Drives

When you purchase tires, they are given a rating for how many miles they are expected to last. For instance, your tires are expected to last approximately 40,000 miles. The only problem is, that does not mean your car may actually drove 40,000 miles on those tires. The number of miles is based on optimum conditions that include good weather, nicely paved roads without bumps and potholes and perfect air pressure in the tire. All three of which are items that fluctuate over the span of time you own your tires. Pay attention to where you drive the most. Notice if the conditions are excessively bumpy. The road will have a lot to do with the wear and tear on your tires. One way to tell if it is getting close to retirement on the tires is how they handle. Notice if your car pulls one way or the other often while going down the road. It might be a good idea to check the tread and see how thick it is and if it might be time to replace the tires on your car.

Bring the Vehicle in to be Inspected

If you do not know anything about wear and tear, go to a professional and have them inspect your tires. The best place would be for a mechanic at a shop or a dealership to check your tires. They will see how much tread is left or if there is worn or bald spots on them. If a tire is showing short treads, you have a little bit of times to shop around and get prices for tires. When you have bald tires, it is time for tire replacement and you should not wait since they could make driving hazardous for you. Bald tires and ones with little tread do not have good traction in the rain or in the snow. Driving on tires at high speeds in those conditions could set you up for hydroplaning and even a potential accident.